Hi, I’m C. Silfverduk and I’ve been making art of some sort since I was a child. It’s changed over the years and I’ve explored many mediums. For some time I picked up mindful coloring, and in 2021, a friend encouraged me to paint and draw more. I lost that friend to suicide in 2021, though I did not know it until early in 2022. I wish my friend was still around so I could thank them personally, and tell them to consider sticking around a bit longer.

Watercolors began as a pandemic hobby. And maybe that’s all it will be. Still some folks requested to buy prints or notecards. That’s what this page is for: showcasing my art, and a shop where you can purchase originals, prints, notecards, apparel and items for your home.

I hope those receiving my art feel the lovingkindness I intended while I created them.